Data Portability Threatens the Duopoly of the Market


New legislations, regarding data portability and the right of access to personal data, together with the rising anti-trust towards platforms threaten the duopoly of the market. However, there are ways that the marketers can take advantage of data portability.

“With data privacy legislation including GDPR in Europe and theCalifornia Consumer Privacy Act, data portability is a given”

Data portability has become a reality with legislations such as the GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act. These new legal requirements combined with the rising anti-trust towards social platforms – which stems from several examples of scandals based on non-consented sharing of personal data – has increased the awareness of usage and sharing of personal data.

This threatens the duopoly of the market that marketers have benefited from for some time. The duopoly gives marketers the ability of gaining by centrally collecting and processing the huge amounts of personal data they have.  

With the increased focus on personal data and the possibility of data portability, challenges rise for the marketers and their current way of working– but at the same time it provides new opportunities for the marketers. It does however require that the marketers are able to improve their relationship with their end users, e.g. by supporting users in porting personal data safely and easily to selected companies/service providers or by integrating with different loyalty programs. 

Several more examples are mentioned in the article that can be read in its full here.

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Sebastian Allerelli
Partner at Safe Online