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Share data safely by email

Is it safe to send sensitive documents and personal data in an email? How can I be sure I’m sending it to the right person?

Connectid Mail is the answer to these questions. Now you won't have to worry anymore when sending and requesting personal data.
Download the add-in to send and receive personal data, banking numbers and sensitive documents by email.
Only 5€/month per user.
Download from the Microsoft AppSource today
Connectid Mail allows you to:
request and receive data safely
send data for download or view-only
obtain required consents
review and sign documents
(coming soon)
Security & compliance
All send and receive transactions use 1.2 TLS
View-only mode limits instances of data
Audit logs on all consents & transactions
Data stored in 2048 encrypted private cloud
Ready to share data
safely in a few minutes
Download from Microsoft AppSource today.
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