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Your data portability solution

With Connectid Business, you can easily respond to data subject requests (DSR) from customers, employees and suppliers.
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It starts with the request process

Make sure requests come in the same way, every time.
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Requests are
authenticated and organized by due date
Full audit log for National Data Protection agencies

More possibilities with Connectid

Upgrade Connectid to include data delivery, automatic data collection and enhanced security.

National authentication

Add requester authentication to Connectid. We recommend NemId for Denmark. We support more
than 20 national authentication schemes.

Secure data transfer

Connectid supports data portability by safely moving any format of data between your company and individuals, logging consent when needed.

Find data automatically

With 200+ pre-built API’s we integrate to your system landscape. AI powered templates helps you identify and structure data, find deviations and consolidate data before transfer.

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