Connectid API

Connectid features an open API, which allows companies to automate all or parts of the data collection process. The API can be used to collect data from most system supporting API integration, such as Microsoft Exchange, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and so on.

How automated data collection works

Although the API can be used in many different ways, here is an example of what a workflow might look like in a larger organization where some data is using the API, and some data is collected manually:

  1. A new data request is received.
  2. The administrator of each connected system receives a notification of the request, and authorizes adding data from that system.
  3. The person responsible for responding to the data request sees the request gradually get filled with data from multiple systems. Any missing data is manually entered by dragging files, or using an input form.
  4. Any missing data is manually entered by dragging files, or using an input form.

Even in small or mid-sized companies using just a few systems, API integration can save a lot of manual work. If you'd like to find out if the API would work with your systems, please contact us and we'll be happy to check it out for you.


Full documentation for the API is being created and will soon be available here on the website. In the meantime, the information below should give you an idea of what the API is capable of, and what is involved in implementation.

API Capabilities

The API can be used to perform the following actions:

  • List requests based on status/due date
  • Add or remove data to requests like files or single fields
  • Create / edit template forms
  • Add data based on template forms
  • Approve requests for delivery
  • Assign request to other employees for further processing
  • Add new people as employees
  • Grant or remove roles


The back-end solution, is built as a REST API, with Asp.Net Core 2 as backing technology. Responses will be in JSON.

Secured by JWT tokens which is both API key secured and user specific. Should key be leaked, the owner of the system can go to a UI and generate a new API key which instantly invalidates the previous key. Most calls will also require a specific user login and password to login. For automation purposes, a refresh token will be provided.

All this is done via IdentityServer4. This API is documented with Swagger, and will have examples of usage.


The API key will soon be available here on the Connectid website, along with how-to and the link to the current API documentation.

The API is online and there will be no need to install any additional software.

Any technology can be used to consume the API as long as it can make https requests against an online service and interpret JSON. Further along the line, JSON schemas will be available for pre-validation of data before interchange.

Even further, NuGet packages in c# will be available for download.